project_07With 70 000 square feet of manufacturing space, Drummond
is capable of handling large projects producing pressure vessels or ULC and API storage tanks. We build large diameter shop fabricated units; only restricted by shipping constraints. Drummond also designs, and erects field tanks.

With in-house design and engineering, you can depend on our staff to monitor the manufacturing process every step of the way.

Every tank and vessel is inspected by our quality control department to insure that the finished product meets industry and client specifications.

Below are our core capabilities:

Our Capabilities

Underground Storage Tanks

Drummond offers manufacturing services for oil and gas storage tanks built according to UL and ULC standards, for single or double wall underground tanks equipped with a cathodic protection and covered with high corrosion resistance paint, all governed by a 30-year limited warranty.

Above Ground storage tanks

Drummond can also meet all UL, ULC or API requirements for vertical or horizontal single- or double-walled tanks as well as above-ground horizontal Dike tanks which are versatile and provide an alternative for the secure storage of petroleum, chemicals, hazardous waste or else. Drummond Welding and Steel works aboveground steel storage Dike Tanks are quick and easy to install or relocate.

No project is too big for Drummond! The size of the workshop, its lifting capacities and its linear configuration offer a constant and uniform flow of activities, ensuring optimal fabrication and delivery in the prescribed time.

We can respond to a request to your request for quotation within 24 hours!

Asphalt Storage tanks

Drummond welding and steel works has built itself an enviable reputation on the market for the manufacture and design of asphalt storage tanks, either vertical or horizontal, from 75,000 liters (*) to 130,000 liters (**). Tanks with customized volumes can also be manufactured by our team of experts upon request.

(*) Equivalent; 16500 IG or 19800 AG
(**) Equivalent; 28600 IG or 34350 AG

Our tanks are manufactured to ULC & API standards. The use of ASME standards is required for the construction of coil systems for the heating of asphalt).

Our systems are available with a wide range of accessories to adapt them to the specific needs of the customers.

Our products and services

Discover all our products and services. Our qualified personnel is fully committed to provide our customers with an exceptional service in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction for each of the projects undertaken.